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Make Your Learning Impactful

As an Education Specialist, one of my jobs is to help companies select an LMS (Learning Management System).

I have worked with just about all of them and I have my favorites which includes Tovuti, Kajabi, LearnDash and yes, even Litmos. Selecting the LMS that is right for you and your company depends on what and how you will be using it.

Online learning has changed so you want to make sure that your LMS has the ability to do the following:

1. Self-Author Courses. I have worked with LMS technology that only houses SCORM content and it will take you tons of dev time and produce courses that will not be well received.

2. Offer Community Learning. Your LMS should allow for community learning. Studies show that most employees learn from 1)google and 2) their neighbor; not their company LMS. Having the ability to have interactive learning in your LMS will make it more impactful. The most successful companies are using social learning in their educational planning.

3. Showcase a Clean Intuitive Design. How your courses look is just as important as how they are written, so you want to make sure that your LMS is design friendly. Think Netflix design.

4. Utilizes a User Dashboard. Giving employees a clean user dashboard will make them come back more often, knowing that they can easily find what they are looking for.

5. Has the Ability to Use a Persuasive Design Strategy. Rather than using your LMS to simply place recorded webinars or videos onto it, your LMS should have the ability to design courses that utilize the elements of persuasive technology, digital marketing, instructional design and social psychology.